Introduction: a little about me and my family’s Journey

Hi, I’m Beth Kaplan and I am writing my first book about my personal journey into the world of Autism.

Jacob was diagnosed at 20 months old and I knew instantly that my purpose in life was to make sure he had the best opportunities for a successful life.

Not only did I learn an enormous amount of information on Autism and supporting interventions, but the writing experience has also been a journey of self-discovery.  When I sit down to write a chapter I am taken back to a time of intense emotions, sometimes despair but most of all hope.  We’ve come such a long way and the future looks incredibly bright.

Over the course of the last few years, raising Jacob, I have not only become a fierce advocate but also an advocate for other families with children on the spectrum in our community.  I am amazed at how grateful people are to hear our story and can only hope that this book will touch others that may be struggling with similar challenges.

I am only just getting started on this new journey of sharing my story and hope that you find it compelling too.  Please follow my blog updates throughout this writing process and share the pain, joy and laughter with me.

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