Looking back on Floortime

This week my writing flowed, probably because my memories took me to a good place.  Up until now, my writing had been somewhat painful because of Jacob’s initial diagnosis and the unknown future.  I found myself going back to a time of hope and even a little bit of excitement.  I was revisiting the time that I discovered Floortime therapy, specifically The PLAY Project.  This was a good time for us because our Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Solomon gave us so much to look forward to.  Not only were we embarking on a new therapy intervention, but the key component of this therapy was to have fun with your child and play.  Clearly, there is more to it than just play but I really enjoyed reliving the fun times with Jacob.  We had a lot of video footage from our play sessions and it was awesome to sit down at my computer this past week and watch my sweet boy play.  We did The PLAY Project for about 6 months and I watched all the video clips from beginning to end.  Wow, what a difference 6 months can make.  I plan to post some of those play videos on my website to share with everyone because those of you that are trying to find your way through these unchartered waters, remember to love, laugh and play with your special child.  They need to laugh and feel loved as much as you do.

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